In 2023, how can your agency, IMO, or FMO source and retain top talent? In a recent study by Reuters - 81% of top-performing agents cited "leads and marketing support systems" as the top reason why they departed their previous group. Agents want leads and holistic digital marketing solutions that help them win in their local markets. At Introz, we've worked with thousands of insurance professionals to craft our highly intelligent hyper-local marketing platform - designed to scale the best marketing practices to all agents. When considering which solutions to provide to your agents, consider the following key functionalities and requirements top agents are looking for. 

Hyper-Local Presence Marketing

Even in today's digitally-driven world, very few agents really harness the power of hyper-local marketing. When a prospect is searching for insurance agents near me - they are trying to find someone close for information and to purchase a policy. Google refers to these types of searches as "information" and "transactional" - they are the best opportunities to gain additional business. Search engines want to serve local content first when users are searching transactional terms - so you need to provide your agent(s) opportunities to be found with these searches - ideally in an automated fashion. With Introz - these capabilities come standard with our platform. With a few clicks, each agent can have directory listings on Google Business, and syndicate their profile to key places where customers are searching. 

AI and Intelligence Built-In

In recent polling, most agents identified AI as one of the most disruptive technologies to their business, yet over 92% were not able to describe how AI would change their day-to-day marketing activities. Let's face it, most agents are not developers or technology nerds - they know their business and the products they offer. They look to their insurance agency partners to prescribe solutions that will incorporate artificial intelligence into their marketing activities in the right way. Agencies need to ensure that the right AI is brought into their local content platform in the right areas to help drive greater discoverability and lead generation. Our solution helps agents harness the power of AI in our smart-blog platform - giving agents a leg up against any local competition. The powerful engine crawls local search results across the United States and finds the best opportunities for agents to generate local content. Once an agent selects a topic, the platform automatically shows a best-practice template designed to minimize agent effort without losing the agent's voice and local knowledge - both of which are critical to being found locally. 

Advertising Technology Automation

Digital advertising is a challenge even for seasoned marketers. How would you expect your agents to master this on their own? They need marketing technology and automation focused on them - not simply on the agency they work with. Our patent-pending integrations allow agencies or individual agents to automate their paid marketing efforts directly from their Introz platform. Our unique solution allows agencies to provide marketing-spend to each agent and monitor performance in every market. Still, some agents want to do more for themselves - which is why we allow agencies to designate an "agent-match". This allows agents to self-fund digital marketing efforts, while the agency automatically matches their spending up to designated thresholds. It's features like this that are pushing our agency partners forward and giving the agents the tools to win. 

Technology Cohesion

How many times have you heard about a great new solution, only to find out it doesn't fit well within your technology ecosystem? The founders of Introz have been in the insurance business for years and forged an emphasis on integration capabilities and ease of use for all our platforms. When your agents join your team - they want a holistic business solution that works for them - not the other way around. Our platform easily attaches to any solution while maintaining abilities for administrative oversight where needed.  


Overall, agents will continue to demand better technology and marketing solutions to help them increase business. Top IMOs, FMOs, and agencies are already adding platforms like Introz to retain their top agents. Take your digital marketing toolset to the next level with Introz. Contact us or schedule a demo to see how simple and cost-effective our solution can be for your business.