Introz, the pioneering platform that revolutionizes the digital presence of professional service organizations in local markets, is thrilled to announce its official move out of beta and its expansion to companies nationwide. presents an innovative approach that caters to the search preferences of customers and search engines, ultimately unlocking new opportunities for businesses.

Introz's mission is to bridge the gap between professional service organizations and their local customers by tapping into the power of personal connections. Daniel Greeson (Founder) emphasizes that people prefer to work with individuals they like, even though they trust organizations. This insight led to the realization that the professionals within these organizations were not being fully utilized in the customer acquisition process.

Studies have shown that a vast majority of professional services purchases (90%) begin with an online search, yet only a small percentage of professionals (15%) have a dedicated website. Additionally, search engines have shifted to prioritizing individualized content that is more localized to their market. allows subscribers to capitalize on this shift with their new groundbreaking platform.

Conventional web marketing strategies follow a hub-and-spoke model where prospective clients are directed to a corporate website and then connected with someone in their local market. takes a different approach by empowering businesses to establish thousands of interactive landing pages, Local Business listings, and site directories in local markets. These products can be easily customized and branded for each organization, ensuring seamless integration into their existing digital presence. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and innovative technology, organizations can swiftly deploy these tools in local markets. This way potential clients can easily find and connect directly with a local professional they choose. Research indicates this creates a more personal and engaging experience that has been missing from the online professional search process.

Greeson says - ”Why settle for one webpage to advertise across all markets when you can have thousands in local markets? Finding someone local is what searchers prefer. People buy from people, and since people are already the face of the company, it makes perfect sense." is excited to bring this game-changing platform to enterprises across the nation, empowering professional service organizations to enhance their local presence and unlock new growth opportunities.